Is that a knife in my spine?

Session 25 Ritual book

Map: TE Swamp 02
Audio file:
Time index: 2:00:00: Witches Den
Time index: 2:08:32: Ritual book
Time index: 2:09:02: Zelvar declares that nothing of worth was found
Time index: 2:13:41: Katrina claims her gear from our loot list

If we listen to Zelvar, then we didn’t pick up anything. However, I noted most everything else that we found in that hut (see below). So, I’ll argue that we should have it.

You mentioned spears, and said that you would describe them later, and then we never circled back to them. I didn’t even write them down.
Also in that first hut was two magical wands, two magical daggers, leather armor, boots, cap. I noted that Katrina carried all of that stuff out of the witches den.

Map written in Relanic script traces route to fish market in Seaquen. Half-elf named Leveticus. Alchemical items and their prices.
So, witches were working with Leveticus.

I think that I mistook everything in hut #1 as Katrina’s gear, after she went off to retrieve it all. The ritual book got misplaced in the verbal shuffle.

Who has the Skype audio log from last session?

If someone recorded the last session via Skype, please provide access so that I can download it and host it with the other session recording(s).


And now, for something completely different...
I’m trying out some experimental stuff, including (but not limited to)
  • Getting artwork out of my child prodigy Tony
  • Recording the gaming sessions in MP3 format

See the (ongoing) fruits of my labors here: Supplementary Adventure Log

Taefu Slays Half-Orc Wyvern Rider

Taefu slays the half-orc wyvern rider with a “Lead the Attack”, following a successful Earthshock (which knocked a fellow party member to the ground as well).

Taefu Slays Half-Orc Wyvern Rider.pdf

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