The Inquisitors

Dressed in bear skins, their faces concealed by bear-skull masks, Inquisitors are the feared blade of Ragesia, expert in cutting out those who resist its rule. They fervently serve Ragesia’s Supreme Inquisitor, an aged witch named Leska. Ragesian Inquisitors are divine spellcasters who revere their leader Leska almost as a god.

The Inquisitors hunt for dangerous magic, which in their mind pretty much means any arcane magic used by other people. They have special skills for stopping other mages’ spells. Most Inquisitors are humans, orcs, or half-orcs, and they carry metal claws on their hands. Many Inquisitors are skilled interrogators who use their claws to slit the wrists of prisoners, forcing the prisoner to answer quickly.

Inquisitors are almost exclusively divine spellcasters who prefer spells of divine fire and protection. They wear masks to shield their souls, and thus are more resistant to mind affecting magic. No one has seen Supreme Inquisitor Leska’s face for nearly forty years.

The party has faced the following inquisitors:
- Boreas (currently a prisoner of the party)

The Inquisitors

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