War of the Burning Sky

As the new year dawns, weather across the lands of Ragesia takes a sudden chill turn. The sky darkens with the shades of oncoming winter, and worry rises as regular channels of communication between nations suddenly cease.

Throughout the lands claimed by the Ragesian Empire, rumors slowly spread between isolated villages, traveling by foot and horse and word of mouth, rumors that Drakus Coaltongue, the immortal emperor whose armies conquered every land he set his gaze upon, has fallen in a distant land to the west. The populace of the Lands does not know how the tyrant was defeated, but if it is true, everyone knows that a war is coming. The generals of Emperor Coaltongue will strike for control, oppressed peoples will rise up in rebellion, and dangers once held in check only by fear of the immortal emperor will bring doom to the world.

Those in power are preparing for the coming conflict, readying fervent armies and powerful weapons and subtle, deceptive plots, but two questions burn in their minds: who killed the immortal Emperor Coaltongue; and what has become of the artifact that would let a man rule of the world? Who has the Torch of the Burning Sky?

Is that a knife in my spine?

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